Jonas Collantes Sep 28th, 2016 People

A mall-based Recruitment Hub is born!

Have you ever imagined yourself walking out of a mall with a brand new career? No, right? Yes, leaving the mall with brand new clothes, shoes, or even a full stomach sounds good, but is i...

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Stefan Pettersson Aug 31st, 2016 People

Care every day

”At first I was a bit hesitant to leave my beloved Matteo with strangers. However, as a single mother, I needed the help and I have never regretted taking this opportunity. Matteo has dev...

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Agata Zysk May 11th, 2016 People

Young Leader Academy at Transcom Poland

Due to the expansion of our operations last year, we recruited 18 new operation and quality leaders. In parallel to implementation procedures, we would like to provide our workers with th...

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